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Poultry Farms

Take advantage of the government’s RHI scheme and heat your poultry farm for guaranteed financial savings and returns. Gain a substantial profit from switching to biomass heating for broiler sheds.  Planet Energy is part of the Innasol’s ETA Poultry Team, the national poultry specialist solutions provider for broiler growers changing to biomass heating. Our Biomass solution is designed specifically for broiler, chicken and poultry farms. The ETA Poultry Team has over 50 systems currently installed in chicken and poultry sheds throughout the UK.

Working with ETA, the leading biomass boiler manufacturer and our partnership of ETA installers across the UK, the ETA Poultry Farm Heating System uses biomass fuel and thanks to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) the farmer is guaranteed substantial savings in fuel costs and income from the investment in biomass heating.

The system’s key features, based on a typical chicken farm with 300ft x 80ft sheds using kerosene for heating with are:

  • Earn around £36,750 in RHI and fuel savings per shed per year, index linked for 20 years with over 50 systems installed so far with more being added every month.
  • Top quality ETA equipment and fittings for maximum reliability and efficiency.
  • Built and installed by experts but designed by broiler farmers.
  • Fuel supply arrangements are guaranteed.
  • Rapid installation on most poultry farms the installations are completed within a week.
  • Better bird performance and lower mortality rates due to improved air quality inside the sheds.
  • Each poultry shed system is identical, because we know they work well from experience.

Originally designed by a broiler farmer and a specialist engineer, the ETA Poultry Farm Biomass System has been installed from experience gained in the industry itself. Early systems were modified based on this experience to continually improve our products. Improvements to fuel loading, blower configurations and lots of small innovations now mean that the system is second to none as a specialist install.

All our chicken and poultry farm installations use the same equipment, have the same design and the same specialist engineers are trained to install them. That means that when you visit one of our or customer poultry farms, the system you see there will be the same as the one you would buy. The only variations are to the fuel stores depending on your choice of fuel, either wood pellets, wood chip or even both. You can also burn some other approved fuels if required.

Come to see the system on a working poultry farm, we have over fifty boilers installed to date.

Based on a typical four shed (300ft x 80ft) broiler farm or eight chicken shed (200ft x 60ft) farm we will supply and install for you The ETA Chicken and Poultry Farm Biomass Heating System :

hot water space heaterSo what do you actually get?

  • 4 x Prefabricated, fully fitted-out boiler rooms
  • 4 x 199kW ETA HACK Biomass Boilers
  • 4 x Fuel stores for wood chips, wood pellets or either
  • Warm Air Blowers for your sheds based on their size
  • All pipework, fittings and electrical installation
  • Remote diagnostics and control systems

The boiler rooms are factory built with the boilers and supporting equipment pre-installed and they all arrive on a transporter with a crane. The fuel stores are erected on site, the blowers are installed and piped and the electrical cables are wired back to your control system. Normally we can install up to four boilers in one week and often between your 6 week growth cycle.

All you have to do is provide the concrete platform to our design and supply electricity and water and we do the rest. Although we can do that part for you as well, if you prefer.


What are the financial savings and returns?

Based on an actual chicken farm using the system, the total returns over a 20 year basis on fuel savings compared to kerosene or LPG, plus RHI subsidies available (index linked) is as follows:

  • Figures are per shed (300ft x 80ft example)
  • Annual fuel savings compared to kerosene or LPG £13,250
  • RHI subsidies received per year £23,500
  • Total index-linked fuel savings and RHI per year £36,750
  • 20 years index-linked return £735,000 per shed


modular prebuilt systemsHow much will it cost, fully delivered and installed?

 The price depends on the exact configuration, local conditions and some other important technical survey details.  However the poultry farmer should expect a 3 to 5 year total return on investment (ROI) from the biomass heating system we install. But a full calculation will be prepared for you once we’ve had a site visit and technical survey

Come to see the system working at a chicken farm

 With over fifty biomass boiler installations so far at poultry farms across the UK and with each installation being almost identical to the next, you may want to take a trip to view a farm and meet the farmer who uses it. If you do, we’ll make sure you can meet the broiler grower and be able to contact other poultry farmers who’ve installed the same system and who can tell you about their experience of it.

Contact us today and we can arrange a site visit for you with one of our Energy Consultants. It will be informative and we know it will prove to be a very profitable one for you.

Remember that the chicken and poultry system you will go to see will be the same as the one we hope you will buy. We can vary some of the equipment and layout if you wish, but as a rule … what you see is what you get.

Fuel Supply and After care.

Fuel supply arrangements are guaranteed on wood pellets or wood chips

We have our own fuel distribution to ensure that you have a guaranteed quality and supply of fuel. You can of course make your own arrangements if you prefer.

Service and maintenance are local to you and delivered by experts

We provide a full service and maintenance package on all the poultry farm biomass systems we install. This is backed up by our partner installers around the country so that if you did suffer a problem on a day when we happen to be installing another system 50 miles away, one of our nearest partner’s engineers will be able to attend site and get you back up and running. We have links to over 200 trained ETA engineers nationwide.

Remember that because each poultry farm system is identical, every engineer in the national team knows what to expect on-site. They will arrive ready with the correct tooling and spares. They’ll know how it all works, be familiar with the layout and you’ll get a faster and better service because of that knowledge and experience. Having said that, ETA make the most reliable boilers in Europe in any case, so we don’t expect too many problems!