Hospitality Industry

Hotels and Guest Houses make large savings from Biomass Heating

Lower fuel costs combined with Renewable Heat Incentive payments add up to major savings. These days energy bills are squeezing profit margins in the hospitality industry, switching to biomass can save hoteliers and guest house operators a huge amount of money while benefiting the environment.

Here’s a recent example of how we’ve helped a client switch from their LPG system to a 120 kW biomass heating system in Nottinghamshire. The table below shows estimated future benefits:

This is how Biomass heating installed by Planet Energy Ltd can save a lot of money.

  • Previously hotel heated by LPG
  • Yearly LPG cost £18,000
  • No Renewable Heat Incentive
  • The future on Biomass
  • £8,000 yearly for biomass pellets
  • £13,000 in annual Renewable Heat Incentive payments
  • Annual gain over £22,000…..System paid for in just 3 years…..Net Cash Flow £809,000 over next 20 years

It’s not all about money though; this business will no longer be heated on fossil fuels and will be saving an estimated 49 tonnes of CO2 yearly by switching from LPG to Biomass. This gives you an idea of the scale of estimated benefit for a larger hotel. Switching to renewable biomass heating adds to your appeal to the public and makes very good financial sense.

What can biomass mean to the hospitality industry? It means having a renewable energy source, cleaner air, reduced landfill contributions and increased energy self sufficiency — and the associated cost savings. The use of biomass and solar energy can possibly make the difference between a go- and no-go hospitality project because it puts energy where needed. Biomass fuels are used to generate heat and hot water in your business and with co-generation of electricity from solar energy you can get both heat and power from cost effective or free thermodynamic processes. Hospitality venues need all those energy forms in great abundance.

It’s time to turn your attention to fossil-fuel alternatives so that you can help control your utility costs and therefore budgets. Biomass and solar energy are viable alternatives to fossil fuel. And if your business or venue is in a rural location, you are faced with the question of what costly fossil fuel to use in any case, so renewable technology becomes more viable, much more viable than using conventional fossil-fuel-produced energy such as LPG, Oil or electricity. The time is coming when you’ll want to consider something much less costly. Biomass and solar energy could be your fuels of choice, independence from fossil fuels is an economically sound goal for the future of your business.