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biomassboilerBiomass for Care Homes

We can supply a diverse range of renewable energy services into the Care Home industry and we understand the economic recession in the UK combined with Government public spending cuts has hit the industry hard. Our range of Biomass, Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Air Source Heating solutions represent a fantastic opportunity to:

Provide free heat to your care home
Generate an additional income stream to aid budgetary planning
Help protect your business from rising energy costs
Help achieve your carbon reduction targets
Demonstrate your commitment to a low carbon, sustainable future.

Pioneer the transition from energy inefficient building stock to state of the art, sustainable buildings you can be proud of.

The Business Model Explained

Example: A residential Care Home in Lincolnshire

Currently using a LPG fuelled system, looking to replace with a 199kW ETA Biomass Boiler (94% efficiency rating) using wood pellets as fuel. Annual fuel saving for an expected heating requirement of 300,000 kWh pa RHI payments for 300,000 kWh pa (RPI linked for 20 years).

Annual fuel saving for an expected heating requirement of 300,000 kWh pa

FuelCostCost per /kWhAnnual CostSaving
LPG54p per litre7.74p£23,220
Wood Pellet£190 per tonne3.88p£11,640£11,580

RHI payments for 300,000 kWh pa (RPI linked for 20 years)
TariffRHI rate per/kWhNumber of kWhAnnual PaymentTotal RHI Income
Tier 18.6p261,486£22,488
Tier 22.2p38,514£847,00£23,335

As you can see, the total benefit in the first year would be £34,915. The RHI payment would increase every year in line with the RPI (Retail Price Index) and with the price increase of LPG expected to be far greater than any increase for bio fuels, the returns can only grow year on year. Planet Energy Ltd. will undertake a complete survey to identify the ideal biomass heating system for your care home. We will then provide you with a total cost analysis for the new system and an accurate illustration of the savings achievable relative to your current heating provision. Having taken this active step forward to becoming a more ethical, carbon neutral care home and your marketing material can justifiably advertise the claim, with the undeniable benefits attached.

NOW is the time to act to guarantee receiving the current RHI rates. The Feed in Tariffs offered for solar pv panels have been more than halved by the Government and the same could happen to the RHI rates. So for maximum gains delaying your decision is not an option. At Planet Energy Ltd. our team of consultants are ready to help. The best product, the best advice and a range of financial options to suit all customer profiles will ensure that your future sustainable heating needs will be fulfilled with maximum benefits attached.

Planet Energy Ltd are leading the way in the promotion and implementation of renewable energy solutions, helping the UK to meet its challenging targets of renewable energy generation. There has never been a more opportune time for care homes to invest in renewable technologies, with sound economic and ecological drivers. Biomass heating and hot water systems are at the forefront of the myriad options available and will benefit care homes in a variety of ways:

Enhance your “green” credentials
Create savings on fuel
Earn income from the Government

Yes, from the recently launched Government RHI scheme, (renewable heat incentive), your care home will be paid for ALL energy that your biomass heating system generates, Planet Energy Ltd are working in partnership with ETA, manufacturer of the most respected and reliable biomass systems on the market today. Together we can offer complete bespoke heating and hot water systems, installed by fully qualified, HETAS registered engineers, which will qualify for the generous RHI payments and revolutionise the energy efficiency of your care home.

What is a Biomass Boiler?

A biomass boiler is a boiler designed to burn solid fuels classed as biomass. Such boilers can be supplied to burn every form of biomass from wood chips, wood pellets, logs or miscanthus to waste agricultural materials such as straw and grain husks. Traditionally logs, wood chips and wood pellets are the most common type of fuel. Biomass boilers require a fuel storage capacity adjacent to the boiler room, much the same as required for oil or LPG systems.

All modern boilers, apart from log boilers, have programmable automatic feeding systems which negate the need for manual feeding. The only locally required maintenance is for the occasional disposal of ash, which makes for top quality fertilizer. A new biomass boiler can easily be connected, either directly or via a heat exchanger, to any existing heating system. Biomass fuel is considered carbon neutral as the CO2 released is offset by the CO2 absorbed during growth. Thus any care home which uses a biomass heating system can rightfully claim their “green” credentials, a valuable tool for marketing purposes. With fuel costs a fraction of those for fossil fuels, the savings created can be substantial. Coupled with the generous Government RHI payments, the benefits for any care home are compelling.