About Us

Planet Energy was established in September 2008 by the Directors of our sister company Lincoln Plumbing & Heating Ltd to meet the demand for Renewable Energy providers. Although much of the technology for renewable energy is closely related to plumbing and heating, we had noticed that clients where not contacting us for these new technology products as their Plumbing and Heating Company was not perceived as a “Renewables” provider.

Having Planet Energy as a sister company to Lincoln Plumbing & Heating allows us to draw on a combined 26 years of experience in the plumbing and heating trade and a resource of fully qualified and registered tradesmen. Added to this we are Hetas, RECC and MCS approved making our installations eligible for the relevant financial incentives available through the government Feed In Tariff (FIT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that are available to both business and domestic customers.

As plumbers and fully certified gas, oil and LPG heating engineers we know how to design and integrate the best renewable energy options for you into your existing installation or we can design and install a completely new renewable system encompassing some or all the available renewable technologies.

At Planet Energy, we think its important for our customers to know all about our experience and history within the environmental sector.

We aim to provide the most cost effective and appropriate solution to your renewable energy needs. We will match the characteristics of your site to find the right renewable technology for your energy needs.

With the cost of heating your business or home and providing a supply of hot water for your needs becoming more expensive every year, along with the environmental impact to the planet of using finite natural resources and disposing of unwanted by-products of energy production, green or renewable energy is now, more than ever a credible alternative for you and the environment.