Case Studies

Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association

Completed in 2008 this District Heating System was installed by Planet Energy for Lincolnshire Rural Housing The installation was to connect two Okofen biomass boilers to twelve new build eco houses on a small affordable housing estate. All the pipe work linked to each individual house was installed using underground insulated piping with a flow and return to the heat meter and control system for each premises.

The boilers and the buffer tank storing the heated water for the system were built inside a container specifically designed for the installation. This includes a hopper for the wood pellets which are vacuum fed suction tube directly to each boiler piped on-demand, making the system fully automated.

Langlands Garden Centre Shiptonthorpe, Yorkshire

An Air Source Heating System array (ASHS) installed to provide heating to a garden centre replacing a fossil fuel system and saving thousands of pounds in cost for the business’s fuel. Installed in 2010 by Planet Energy using a bank of 3 x ASH pumps providing hot air to blowers suspended in the garden centre to keep both plants and visitors warm. The garden centre and plant nursery was roofed in polycarbonate and glass making the entire structure a cold place to work and visit during the winter months.

Customers were being put-off during the garden centre’s busiest periods throughout the Christmas rush and in the early springtime when the centre was at its busiest. The Air Source Heating was arrayed in a bank of 3 x 16kW units pumping hot water into strategically located hot air blowers that convects the heat to the large open spaces that make the browsing areas of the garden centre. Garden Centres and Nurseries are notoriously cold places to visit in the winter and spring months when the heat demand is at its highest. Glass and polycarbonate roofing and metal frames buildings are uninsulated and cost a great deal to heat as a result. Reducing these costs and turning the environment into s comfortable place to work and visit was achieved by this installation.